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MEMS Recycling Scenarios

Environmental and economic assessment of MEMs inspection system and defective MEMs recycling scenarios: CITCOM Project

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LSociety of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry SETAC 2020 annual meeting in Dublin, Ireland

E-Waste Recycling

To further enhance the benefits CITCOM offers in detection of faulty devices early in the production line, we looked into the opportunities offered by e-waste recycling. We are presenting an exhaustive list of European e-waste recycling companies who will help you reduce your waste – and make a business out of it!

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SPIE 2019

CITCOM presented at the SPIE 2019 conference from 14 – 18 April 2019 in Baltimore, USA.

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Detailed Specifications for the Plenoptic Camera

Learn about the strengths and the detailed specifications of our plenoptic camera

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Plenoptic Camera and X-Ray System

Find key specifications for the plenoptic camera and the x-ray system

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CITCOM Presents its First Leaflet

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ICMR 2018: CITCOM’S Presentation and Full Paper available now

CITCOM Presenting at ICMR 2018